It is a high possibility that you would have come across the term “Hydroponics”. Over the past couple of years, this concept of soilless gardening has nurtured a significant interest among the urban populous, and deservedly so. But why so?

Now, you could have a green thumb when it comes to traditional gardening and feel no need to try other methods of gardening, Or you might have gone through some hydroponics material and maybe all the various build systems and procedures might have put you off. But in the following information, there’s insight as to why Hydroponics is the future of gardening and why you should care about it.

Hydroponics, as you might already know, is the concept of growing plants without soil. In this type of gardening or cultivating, the plants use water or a nutrient solution as their base to grow.

Some of the disadvantages of traditional horticulture practice is the constant dilemma of soil-related pests and allergies and then trying to figure out the perfect fertilizer for your plants. With no soil used, hydroponics instantly eliminates those two issues and keeps your plant and your house chemical-free.

Hydroponics come in various sizes, shapes, and systems, making it a flexible, grow-anywhere type of gardening. Yes, some of the systems can be complicated and would take time to learn and adapt, but the concept and understanding of all these systems revolve around just a few common pointers. The plant will need a growing medium like Rockwool or coconut fibers, the growing medium sits in a net cup which will allow the roots to grow out, and the net cup is dipped in water. The complications are usually the automated parts of the system like water pumps, air pumps, overflow tubes, and artificial High-Intensity Discharge lights. All these just bring up the factor of minimal to no maintenance. And even if you are a beginner and not confident enough to build one of your own systems, you can easily get yourself a grow your own plant or grow your own herbs indoors kit in the market.

Another major plus point when it comes to hydroponics is the higher yield ability and the year-round harvest. Since the plants are given the best possible opportunity to reach their full genetic potential in this type of gardening, yields are usually 3-10 times more as compared to traditional gardening, if grown well and in perfect conditions. This works well with herbs and small veggies and therefore you see the growing trend of growing herbs indoors with artificial light and the farm-to-table culture where you use your own grown herbs in your dishes. And it is also scientifically proven that plants grown hydroponically grow 20% faster.

A common myth over Hydroponics is that since the plants use water as their primary source of growth, the consumption of water is very high but here’s a fun fact: Experts record that Automated Hydroponic systems use 90% less water as compared to soil gardening. This is possible as the water that feeds the roots of the plants is recycled using overflow tubes and a water pump, making this method of gardening highly sustainable and energy-efficient.

There are several other advantages when looking at Hydroponics that make it a super viable home or indoor gardening practice. But the reason why this method is standing out and doing well is how it simply slots into the fast-paced world we live in. The grow-anywhere, anytime attribute coupled with how neat, decorative, and zero maintenance they can be has attracted a lot of not only plant enthusiasts but also the general public.

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