Vertical gardens are the new upcoming trend and everyone is looking to design their own. It looks extremely beautiful and majestic, but it’s an equally hard and difficult process setting one up. Multiple factors need to be taken into consideration, most major of them being light. The people growing herbs indoors with artificial light will confirm these facts for a given.

The reason special grow lights are required for a vertical mini farm indoor garden is that the plants and herbs don’t get the right amount of light over the entire plant. Vertical gardens are usually set up by a wall so that the stand fits into them. This prevents light from reaching the part of the plant facing the wall, and so, special grow lights for vertical gardens tackle this issue. With the application of design and thought, now there are support-less stands for vertical gardening. Even though some things to keep in mind when using special grow light for vertical garden

  • Study about the kinds of grow light there are in the market. One can use a bunch of normal CFL tubes, but they aren’t as efficient as compared to special grow lights.
  • These special grow lights are usually high-powered LED lights and high-pressure sodium lights, which some of the best to use while starting an indoor kitchen herb garden.
  • The results these grow lights produce will show on the plants in no time. Searched hard enough one can find these special grow lights at quite a reasonable rate.
  • Study about the herb or plant before exposing it to light because all plants have different requirements. Special grow lights cover the entire plant but some plants require only partial light else they die.
  • The best thing to do is mono-cropping. So, it basically is using plants of the same family same height so that the special grow lights used specifically for that plant have the most effect.

Though extremely beneficial, there are a few cons so one needs to be careful to tackle any problem. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • Special grow light has high intensity of heat and light. If not researched well before purchasing them, they can have adverse effects on the plant leading it to dry up and die. So be smart and do your study before purchasing special grow lights.
  • One thing to be aware of is, special grow lights are expensive and may seem tight on the pocket but it is worth every penny. Other than being expensive it also consumes a good amount of electricity so get ready for a hike in the electricity bill.

Just to put it out there, the benefits of special grow lights are that the light can be manually adjusted to the plant’s requirements, light and heat is managed extremely effectively as it captivates the entire plant, if it’s a strip of special grow lights it can cover rows of potted plants. The benefits of a vertical garden are that it saves ample space, a very efficient way of farming with limited area, though a bit expensive in the start to set up, extremely cost-efficient in the long run. The best of all being the benefit of having the comfort to rearrange. People planning to start vertical gardening at home can rely on indoor herb garden kit with grow lights.

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