Let’s look at what hydroponics is and why you should get a grow your own garden kit for your home.

What is Hydroponics?
The word hydroponics is formed by two Greek words, ‘Hydro’ means water and ‘ponic’ means labour in the Greek language. Hydroponics is a soil-free method of growing plants. Instead of soil, hydroponics uses a nutrient-rich solution to reach the plant’s roots and help them grow.

Plants use sunlight and a chemical called chlorophyll, which is present in their leaves, to convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen. This process is called photosynthesis. There is no soil involved. So instead of soil, hydroponics supplies all of this to the roots through a nutrient solution.

Why Grow Hydroponically?
Let’s look at why you should start growing herbs using hydroponics.

  • Saves water – Hydroponics saves about 90% of water use. It has a recycling system or storage tank that saves water for later use, once the roots receive sufficient water at that particular time. This makes it very efficient. In soil-based growing, there is a chance of using an extra amount of water than the plant actually needs. That’s due to evaporation, leakage through pots, etc.
  • Controls the climate – You can have total control over the climatic conditions needed for your plants using hydroponics. The system allows to adjust the humidity, temperature, light, CO2, and air according to the plant’s needs. With special grow lights, you won’t have to worry about sunlight anymore. This makes it easier to grow an indoor herb garden with artificial light mimicking the sun.
  • No soil – This is one major benefit; you won’t have to use any soil. This removes the hassle of changing soil due to weeds and pests that also destroy plants. With just a nutritious solution, plants will thrive and you’ll produce much better produce compared to traditional methods.
  • Nutrient supply – The plants are supplied with nutrients accurately and with precision. This allows the plants to get the needed nourishment to grow to it’s best. Roots of plants don’t have to look around in search of nutrients as compared to traditional methods. They can focus on producing good produce much faster and efficiently.
  • Space – A big benefit of hydroponics is you don’t have to worry about space. Even in a home with minimum space, you can have a hydroponic garden due to its compact size and control over growing conditions. This also means you can grow more variety of plants. Some people prefer having a kitchen hydroponic smart herb garden, as they can immediately pluck their favorite herbs while cooking.
  • Growth rate – Another huge benefit of hydroponics is the growth rate. Its growth rate is faster than traditional methods due to its control over all the conditions. By setting this environment, you can increase your variety of herbs and vegetable production compared to traditional methods. Hydroponics will give you a great harvest on a consistent basis.
  • No pesticides – Traditional methods of farming need the use of pesticides and herbicides for crop growth. This is due to climatic conditions that attract different weeds and pests. In a hydroponic garden, since it’s a soil-free method, there won’t be any issue of pests and weeds, resulting in healthy and clean food.
  • Education – Hydroponics can help children learn to respect nature and have hands-on experience of growing vegetables. Having an indoor classroom garden will help kids understand more about eating healthy too.

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