When it comes to growing foods, growing herbs outside on your terrace or balcony is always an option many choose, but now you can start growing herbs indoors without sunlight as well, which won’t take much time and effort. Consider some of the benefits of having an indoor home garden.

  1. Save Money
    Buying herbs from the store can be a bit expensive and growing herbs at home could save you money. You can instead spend money on some seeds and other requirements. Plus, will you know the quality of the herb since you’re caring for them yourself.
  2. Great for Beginners
    If you want to create your own little garden, an herb garden is the best way to start off since it’s simple and easy to maintain, and won’t take too much of your time to pot them well and set them up wherever you like in your home.
  3. Healthy Eating
    When you set up your own garden of herbs, you know they’re fresh, organic, and healthy. Adding fresh herbs to your food is a great way to elevate the taste of your food and add that extra bit of flavour and health.
  4. Space Friendly
    The great benefit of having an indoor garden is you don’t have to worry too much about space. In case you live in a small apartment where there’s a lack of space, you can use a window sill. A preferred space would be the kitchen for quick access while cooking. So, go ahead, build your own kitchen window herb garden.
  5. Decor
    Lots of people use these herb gardens to give their homes a decorative feel. Instead of using other kinds of art and showpieces, the garden can give a fresh feel and colour to your home. These herbs not only look good but also smell good, having them around can change your mood or remove odours.
  6. Educational
    Getting to grow herbs in kitchen can be a great life lesson. It can build important habits like patience, care, and respect for nature. Especially for kids, this can be a great way to introduce them to nature and how to care for them, understanding the different herbs, and getting them to eat healthily. Also, you can enjoy some great family time together.
  7. Low Maintenance
    Minimum requirements are needed to grow your herbs which makes them easy to maintain. If you’re growing herbs in the kitchen, the window sill is the best area to place them as it will get enough sunlight and is easy to water. You can choose any other window or space that fits well for you. Keeping herbs is really efficient in terms of space as they’re small in size too.
  8. Light
    In case you don’t get enough sunlight, the best way to help your herbs flourish indoors is to keep an artificial light or grow lights. These lights are convenient as you don’t have to worry about the daylight and you can have your own schedule. The lights are also controllable in terms of how bright you would like to keep them and you don’t have to worry about weather conditions.
  9. Herbs You can Grow
    Here are some of the best herbs to grow indoors – Chives, Mint, Parsley, Wasabi, Tarragon, Parsley, Cilantro, Thyme, and Lemon Balm – these are some of the amazing herbs you will have access to all year.
  10. Indoor Herb Garden Kits
    Forget all the hassle. The best way to continue your passion for herb gardening is to get an indoor kitchen herb garden kit. These kits have an artificial light called grow lights that you can set at the desired brightness specifically for the herbs being planted and will totally make your work easier than usual. A ready-made garden kit is one of the best benefits of indoor growing.

If you are ready to benefit from all of the above, get in touch with Eponic to get your indoor kitchen garden kit. We have the Mini Farm and the Little Farm that will get you started.