Little Farm


Little Farm, a complete, compact, all-in one hydroponic growing system from EPONIC™.

$1485 inc gst and delivery nation wide

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Little Farm is safe, efficient, and fun! Perfect for restaurants, homes, and offices, the “Little Farm” provides an optimal indoor growing environment for salad greens, herbs, and even a few fruit plants. The compact and flexible design means you can tailor construction for different growing options and grow a variety of plants indoors without the need of soil. No back-breaking labour because the process is simple, automated and mess-free. Great for schools to teach STEM subjects & Activity-Based learning. Designed to allow for optimal airflow, so your plants maintain a healthy and even growth rate. Grow light: Full spectrum LED (60W each) Total Power Consumption: 200W Water in All Trays: 50L

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Dimensions 160 × 55 × 146 cm