Mini Farm

Introducing Mini Farm, a complete, compact, all-in-one hydroponic growing system from EPONIC.



Introducing Mini Farm, a complete, compact, all-in-one hydroponic growing system from EPONIC™. Mini  Farm is safe, efficient, and fun! Perfect for homes, and classrooms, the “ Mini Farm” enables you to grow your own salad greens, herbs, and even a few fruit plants. Mini Farm puts fresh, healthy vegetables at your fingertips year-round.

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 Mini Farm

Mini Farm is a compact, smart hydroponic system that is super easy to assemble and use. Now you can grow your own fresher, cleaner and healthier food in just a couple of weeks!

  • No soil needed
  • No back-breaking labour because the process is simple, automated and mess-free
  • Make your fresh salad! And a number of other fresh and healthy recipes.
  • Kickstart your healthier lifestyle today!
  • Great for schools to teach STEM subjects & Activity-Based learning.

Designed to allow for optimal airflow, so your plants maintain a healthy and even growth rate.

To order Call us on  (03) 9315 1377 / 0435 126 898


Mini Farm, indoor smart Garden

Grow fresh in just 3 simple steps

Step 1

Nursery, plant the seeds and allow it to germinate.

Step 2

After germination transfer plants to the net-baskets and place them in Mini Farm.

Step 3

Watch them grow and ready to harvest in just a couple of weeks.


Input voltage: DC12V

Power: 18W    Current 1.5A

Dimension: 60cm X 28 cm X 33.5cm

Grow light: Full spectrum LED

Average PPFD: 130μmol/s/m²

Water in Grow Tray: 6L

Easy to Use & Self-Contained

Once you put in the ingredients (i.e. water, seeds, nutrients) you have your own proper mini-grow system that you just need to observe and decide when you want to harvest – and it’s all indoors!

Always have Fresh Produce

You can grow different leafy greens, microgreens, and/or herbs, always giving yourself a fresh supply of veggies for meals.

Safe & Clean

Mini Farm is designed to limit contamination and algae growth, all without the need for pesticides or herbicides. A regular lean, clean greens growing machine.

Save Time & Cost, and maybe even Share!

Mini Farm’s growth capacity lets you grow up to 11 plants during one growth cycle in less time using energy-saving, full-spectrum LED lighting.

Looks Great

With a contemporary, compact design can fit right into your house, like an attractive piece of furniture – that also provides food.

Multiple Uses in Multiple Spaces

From homes to schools, Mini Farm fits in just as well in your kitchen as it does in a classroom. Furthermore, it can be put together in a few configurations, allowing for additional options in what you grow.


You will use significantly less [approximately 90% less] water compared to what it would take to grow the same crops in a traditional soil-based method [approximately x% less]. By using less water you’ll be making a positive step toward reducing your water footprint.

Energy Efficient

From the LED light bars to the hydroponic pump, this home unit punches above its weight (and amp draw).
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