Little Farm

LF-03 V1

Indoor Classroom Garden

Little Farm is also an educational hydroponic growing system that sparks the interest of next-generation towards a sustainable future. It fits well in classroom environments as a hands-on teaching tool for mathematics, science, horticulture, teamwork, communication, and other STEM-related learning activities. Kids at school always respond to better and to unique, hands-on, engaging and fun activities. Little Farm is just that and helps students develop a deeper understanding of lessons, ideas and concepts through practical teaching. Little Farm is the perfect tool for teachers to bring classrooms to life!

Easy to Use & Install

Green-thumbs to brown-thumbs, we got you. You’ll have all the materials and instructions you need to be growing your own crops within a few weeks.

It’s easy to install, and very easy to use without a lot of hands-on daily demands. Just add water and stir as in stir yourself a mint julep while waiting for your next batch of mint to grow.

Always have Fresh Produce

You can grow different leafy greens, microgreens, and/or herbs, always giving yourself a fresh supply of veggies for meals.

Safe & Clean

LF-ONE is designed to limit contamination and algae growth, all without the need for pesticides or herbicides. A regular lean, clean greens growing machine.

Save Time & Cost, and maybe even Share!

Now you can have your spinach and eat it too (or give some to your neighbors). LF-ONE’s growth capacity lets you grow up to 54 plants during one growth cycle in less time using energy-saving, full spectrum LED lighting. This means you can grow multiple types of plants at once or grow all the same variety. Spinach anyone? Popeye never had it so good.

Looks Great

With a contemporary, flexible design LF-ONE can fit right into your house, like an attractive (center) piece of furniture that also provides food.

Multiple Uses in Multiple Spaces

From homes to restaurants, LF-ONE fits in just as well in your kitchen as it does in a restaurant. Furthermore, it can be put together in a few configurations, allowing for additional options in what you grow.


Once you put in the ingredients (i.e. water, seeds, nutrients) you have your own proper mini-grow system that you just need to observe and decide when you want to harvest and it’s all indoors! All the components you’ll need are already included in an LF-ONE kit.

Energy Efficient

From the LED light bars to the hydroponic pump, this home unit punches above its weight (and amp draw).


You will use significantly less [approximately 90% less]water compared to what it would take to grow the same crops in a traditional soil-based method [approximately x% less]. By using less water you’ll be making a positive step toward reducing your water footprint.

LED Lighting

Using electric light sources to provide the proper amount of light the crops will need each day, regardless of conditions outdoors, without needing a lot of energy to do so. Also, by using a specific spectrum of visible lighting, you are giving the plants a tailored range of wavelengths giving them what they need to grow.
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