Hydroponics is a soilless method of growing plants. It, instead, uses a mineral nutrient solution to help plants grow. This method can be used in spaces where the soil is not the best for the desired crops. And due to no soil, it can be very useful in areas that have limited space.

Why is Hydroponics the long-term Solution?

We are at a crucial point where we’ve to understand the amount of fossil fuel that goes into transporting our everyday food requirements. You might be eating healthy and organic food, but is it eco-friendly as well? Water footprint is also a major concern. Massive amounts of water goes into irrigating vegetable and fruit farms. Many farmers prefer chemical fertilizers that flow into the water.

The advantages of hydroponics are very visible for our long-term needs. There are no difficulties with pests and diseases compared to soil. If you use a hydroponic smart garden today, you can start growing fresh herbs and vegetables throughout the year in a clean environment.

Use a Small Space at Home
When you produce your own food at home, you can contribute to lesser consumption of fossil fuels to transport food. Since hydroponics requires less space, you can have an indoor garden which provides more produce without compromising on the quality of the vegetables or herbs. Since plants grown hydroponically don’t search for nutrients in soil, they can be grown close together. This means you can grow more produce.

Better for Nutrition & Health
Hydroponics is a sustainable method of farming since it uses minimum resources to produce high quality vegetables. One of the advantages of an indoor hydroponic growing system is you know it’s fresh and healthy. When buying from the market, you have no idea if the farmer used pesticides and chemicals to make the produce look good. With hydroponics, you have 100% understanding of the process. This makes it healthy to use while cooking and to serve for your family.

Saves Water
Hydroponics saves water and uses only 10% of the total water, compared to produce grown in traditional methods. It is equipped with a reservoir, which reuses excess water for later use. Plants use the amount they need and the rest gets collected in the system. In traditional methods, water loss can happen due to evaporation and leakages. Saving water for the future is very important. And hydroponics is a technique for the future.

No Pests and Diseases
If you grow plants with soil, there are always weeds or pest issues that destroy the plants. Even birds can cause issues by eating the seeds or plant itself. When we start growing herbs indoors with hydroponics, you won’t face the issue of pests, since it’s a closed system. You’ll be able to take full control of the seasonal requirements and guaranteed healthy food.

Climate Control
Hydroponic gardening allows you to have total control over the seasonal factors plants need. You can control the humidity and temperature. This means you won’t have to worry about climatic changes and grow your favourite herbs and vegetables throughout the year. The hydroponic system is equipped with grow lights to replace the sun. Farmers will be able to produce food efficiently and maximize profits as well.

Growth Rate is Fast
The growth rate is said to be faster and healthier in hydroponics, compared to soil. Growing plants with hydroponics is the best way to grow herbs indoors. It will produce food faster as you can control every aspect like nutrients and climate. This helps the plants thrive and produce better yields for farmers or gardeners at home. The plants won’t waste time searching for nutrients, instead, they can focus on their growth.

Hydroponics is definitely the long-term solution to our growing needs, since it is efficient and saves the environment. And produces the best produce. To get the best indoor hydroponic grow system, contact Eponic today!