The vegan lifestyle that does not harm nature in any way. When it comes to food, vegan don’t eat meats, dairy, and processed foods. They live on fresh fruits and vegetables, which is actually good for the body. But buying them from a store is against the vegan lifestyle as these stores create a huge carbon footprint.

To counter this, the best solution is to grow your own food. Not only can you save yourself from fertilizers and pesticides, but you can also save money on your everyday food bill, and continue to live the vegan way. This is possible with hydroponics.

What is Hydroponics?
Hydroponics uses a soil-free technique of growing plants, and has no limitations of climate and space. In traditional methods of farming, the plant’s roots depend on soil to get all the nutrients. A hydroponic system can provide these nutrients while growing herbs indoors without sunlight, soil, and extra labour.

Efficient in Supplying nutrients
Vegans avoid consuming all animal products like eggs, meat, and dairy. They also avoid eating foods that have an animal source, like honey, dairy, and gelatine. For many people, veganism is more than a choice of food. Vegan is a chosen option for health reasons as well. Getting the right nutrients through vegetables is important.

A hydroponic system provides nutrients to the plant’s roots with a precise amount. It removes the use of fertilizers and allows the plant to take the necessary nutrients required to grow well. Plants don’t have to search for nutrients in contrast to traditional methods. They can focus on their quality of growth and growing faster efficiently. Excess water gets stored in a reservoir for later use.

Provides good quality produce
Eating fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, and fibre can lead to a low risk of heart issues. All of these foods are eaten in large quantities with a well-planned diet. This can be beneficial to maintain heart health since lowering high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease by around 46%.

Growing hydroponically enhances the quality and taste due to the system’s controlled environment, and no pesticides. The vegetables grown in an indoor hydroponic growing system often taste much better than store-bought produce. The produce will always be fresh, delicious, and healthy, free from pests, dirt, and diseases.

Good Health
Being vegan is a great benefit for your health. The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics states that vegans have fewer chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure, compared to meat-eaters. Vegans get the nutrients to be healthy, like fibre, plant protein, and minerals. This is beneficial since reducing cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and high blood pressure may reduce the risk of heart disease by around 46%.

Many people who are health conscious are shifting to hydroponics for better food production. The plants are kept in growing chambers or seed capsules, with the source of nourishment a grow light and nutrient water solution. This solution is exposed to the roots which provide nourishment to the plants. Food grown at home will have zero chemical pesticides and eliminate cancer-causing pesticides.

Environmental benefits
A vegan diet reduces your ecological footprint, allowing you to save and be compassionate to the environment. Whether you switch to veganism for the environment, for animals, or your health, you can make an impact.

When more people use hydroponics to grow their own food, they cut down the environmental cost that goes into fuel-guzzling vans or trucks. They carry produce across long distances for selling and distribution, causing air pollution. You cut down on chemical pesticides used in traditional methods for vegetable cultivation, which is harmful to soil and the environment.

Grow a Variety of Produce
Vegans need a lot of variety in food choices and they can get it with a hydroponic system. A hydroponic garden has minimum restrictions, in terms of location and space, due to its controlled growing environments and compact size. You can enjoy growing a variety of plants hydroponically compared to traditional methods of farming.

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