As the world population is growing, fruits and vegetables have been handy for our well-being. But with this increase, producing more food has become a challenge. Due to this growing population, different technologies are being discovered. One kind of technology is hydroponics. Hydroponics favours farmers to grow vegetables, herbs or plants without using any soil. It instead uses a nutrient rich water solution to give plants the necessary nourishment.

Why is hydroponics the future of farming?
In today’s times, wastage of food cannot completely be stopped, but a hydroponic smart garden can change that. Some produce like root-based vegetables, leafy vegetables, turnips, tomatoes, carrots, etc. can be cultivated in smaller spaces but in larger quantities.

It can be one solution to cultivating a profitable and sustainable crop produce.

Hydroponic farming develops the quality of plants by increasing the nutritional value, making the healthier choice. It creates an ideal environment for plants to thrive, especially without the use of fertilizers.

Turn any space at home into a garden
Lack of space should not be an issue for you to start your own garden. With no use of soil, hydroponics has become the best way to grow herbs indoors. Since there is no soil, you won’t have a problem of putting pots around your home which takes up space. Any small space can be used. This way you can grow your favorite herbs and vegetables without worrying about space. Also, you’ll be able to grow more herbs as the roots get nourished through a nutrient solution. The system can be automated to ensure the plants get the precise amount of nutrients. When you produce food you need, you are also saving on transportation of food.

Nutrition and Health
Hydroponics is a sustainable method of farming since it uses limited resources and doesn’t compromise on quality of plants. The consumption of fruits and vegetables is not only safe, but is also safe for farmers and home farming. Since you are growing it yourself, you know exactly what it contains. When you buy from the store, you have no idea where it’s come from or what the farmer used to make it look good. At home, you can ensure growing herbs indoors with care and with nutrients you have added in the substrate. Mainly, you’ll know there’s no pesticide or herbicides in your food.

Know what you are eating
With an indoor hydroponic grow system of farming, you’ll be able to monitor the growing process. You can be sure about the quality of food you eat and serve. It provides a precise amount of nutrients and nothing excess is allowed to go into the substrate. Plants grow 30 to 50% faster in hydroponics than in soil. This is also due to no pest infestation. You can immediately add herbs to your dishes while cooking since they’re fresh and healthy. You won’t have to worry about going to the store every time for herbs. Also, with store bought vegetables you don’t know how long it’s been sitting there and how fresh they actually are.

Conserve water
Hydroponic plants don’t need much water. They can grow with 10 times less water than traditional methods. In traditional farming, most of the water gets wasted due to evaporation, leakage from pots etc. The plant only receives a small amount from the actual amount used.

So much water is wasted and lost. Hydroponics circulates water to the roots and saves the excess in a storage tank to use later.

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