Hydroponics is the process of using a nutrient solution for growing crops, instead of soil. Basically, known as a soilless method of growing crops. It delivers water directly to the roots.

In traditional farming, the soil is a support for the crop’s roots, helping them stay upright.

Types of hydroponic systems
Hydroponics can be set indoors, in greenhouses, outdoors, or in a controlled environment. There are mainly 6 types of hydroponic systems we will look at. You can see which one is best for your indoor gardening.

  • Wick System – This system is the simplest hydroponic system to grow your plants. It can be used by anyone. The wick system does not use any pumps, aerators, or electricity. It’s the only one that doesn’t require electricity. This system is good for herbs and small plants that don’t require a huge amount of water.
  • Water Culture System – this system places the roots directly in the nutrient solution. The water culture system is a simple hydroponic system. The oxygen is sent into the water by an air stone or diffuser to help the plants survive and grow quickly.
  • Ebb and Flow System – This is a popular indoor growing system that is mainly used by home gardeners. The plants are placed in a grow bed with a growing medium like perlite and Rockwool. The grow bed is filled with a nutrient solution till the water reaches the top of the growing medium. The pump is fitted with a timer that switches the pump off after a certain time limit. The excess is recycled back to the pump for later use.
  • Drip Systems – Drip systems can be altered for plants of different types. This is great for those who want to change or grow various plants. The nutrition solution is pumped in a tube that is sent directly to the plant base. This tube controls the amount of solution placed in the plantand is adjustable according to the needs of plants.
  • N.F.T – Nutrient Film Technology is designed very simply and is widely used. The nutrient solution is kept in a big reservoir. The solution is sent to sloped channels that transfer excess nutrients back into the reservoir. It flows down the slope, on the roots, to provide each plant with the right amount.
  • Aeroponic Systems – The plants grow while being suspended in the air. They have mist nozzles positioned below the plants. The nozzles spray the nutrient solution on the roots of the plants. It’s a very effective hydroponic method.

Why should you grow hydroponically?
Hydroponic farming is the best way to grow herbs indoors and offers lots of benefits.

  • Grow anywhere – You don’t have to worry about minimum space at home, you can still have a smart home indoor garden that produces the best of herbs.
  • Growth rate – The growth rate is said to be better and quicker than traditional methods of farming.
  • Overall control – Since you’re planting the seeds, you can maintain the quality.
  • Best harvests – the quality of food will be better than store-bought. No use of pesticides will provide you healthy food
  • Water – Traditional methods waste a lot of water due to evaporation or leakage. Hydroponics provides water efficiently.
  • Harvests year-round – You won’t have to worry about seasonal changes, hydroponics has lights to help grow throughout the year.

With these options, hydroponics is definitely the turning point in farming. Contact Eponic to get a grow your own herbs indoor garden kit like Mini Farm and Little Farm.