Who doesn’t want the best indoor herb garden this summer? But for that to happen, you need to start the right way. Indoor herb gardens are all the rage right now. Along with being fun and cool, these gardens also take you towards a healthy lifestyle. This is important, especially now, after having faced a pandemic and lockdown. We need to build our immune system and grow our own foods. Yes, you can grow a lot more than just herbs, but that’s once you get the hang of it. For now, here’s how you start your own summer herb garden indoors.

Find the Perfect Spot – The first and one of the most important steps is finding the right spot. It’s summertime, so you have to pick a spot where your herbs get ample sunlight. However, too much of a good thing can be bad, so make sure there’s not too much heat and light on the spot. Pick a spot where there’s sunlight for a few hours, and shade for the remaining time. Also, make sure there’s not too much wind blowing into that place. Summers also mean unexpected rain showers, so this is another thing you have to consider while selecting a place.

Decide What to Grow – So, which herbs do you use most in your cooking? Which is the herb that you can’t do without? Start with these herbs. The whole point of indoor gardening is having quick access to favourite herbs. So, start looking for seeds of your favourite herbs. Make sure they are natural and not genetically modified. Also, read up on their growing methods before you start. Different herbs have different growing methods, so you need to plan accordingly.

Pick the Right Containers – This is such an important part, but so many first-timers forget about this. They go out and buy expensive planters when they could simply recycle stuff lying around the house. You don’t make this mistake. Old plastic bottles, mugs, even milk containers, there are so many things you can use. Save money and the environment by reusing material that would otherwise create a huge carbon footprint. The thing you have to be mindful of is water and soil not leaking out.

Soil Selection – Do you need soil, or black soil, or a combination of both, or something different altogether? It can be confusing as there is a wide variety of soils, and you have to make the right choice. Select soil based on the herbs you are going to grow. Also, get all the information on watering needs and only then proceed. If all this is too much of a hassle, you can consider hydroponic solutions that are full of nutrients, and a good alternative to soil.

Watering Plan – Many people water their plants whenever they remember to. Don’t make this mistake. Underwatering or overwatering will kill your herbs. After you have read up on the growing methods for different herbs and their watering needs, chart out a watering plan, and stick to the regimen. It will be quite easy if you are working from home, but could be a little difficult if you are not at home. Again, a hydroponic system is a great alternative to this as it requires very less water.

If you don’t want to go through this hassle, try a hydroponic indoor garden system. This smart indoor herb garden is completely hassle-free and even allows you to grow fruits and vegetables. Try Eponic’s Mini Farm to grow your favourite herbs. Soon, you’ll find yourself upgrading to the Little Farm and growing your own fruits and vegetables. Try them today!