Some way or the other, we have been impacted by the global pandemic in a very short period of time. We were definitely not ready for this change and it has revealed issues in the world we live in. We have to study and work from home, limit social interactions, cook more than usual and reduce visits to the markets.

Reducing frequent visits to the market has made it difficult to get enough vegetables and fruits. Due to this people have started growing their own food at home. They’ve started growing herbs indoors without sunlight without any prior gardening experience.

Hydroponics means growing plants or herbs in a nutrient based solution instead of soil. It is a great method of farming due to its convenience in less space. It also uses 95 percent less water than soil mashed methods of growing. They produce much better harvests by controlling light, nutrients and water. The pandemic has urged some countries to use hydroponics. People are worried about food shortage, it’s made them pay attention to grow their own food.

Efficiency of hydroponics
Families can eat fresh produce with each meal and still have enough left for later. The beauty of a hydroponic system is they’re independently run, with minimum intervention by the owner. It automatically waters the plants by providing a nutrient rich water solution to the plants roots.

They are also equipped with grow lights or artificial lights, to light the plants. They control the seasonal requirements of the plants. It becomes easier to grow an indoor herb garden with artificial light, since it replaces sunlight.

Plant therapy
People have suddenly taken interest in food self sufficiency and vegetable gardening during the pandemic. Even if it’s a home with less space. It became a necessity to have one at home, that is not only a source of food, but a hobby as well to keep them sane. Social media is flooded with posts on growing vegetable gardens, food and composting. Seeds, soil and seedlings have become popular items to buy in online shops.

Family time
Around the world, people are looking at gardening as an activity for their families. It is a calming and satisfying family friendly hobby that also teaches about food security, due to less availability and slow harvesting of crops. Also kids might have started growing vegetables at school, this is a good time to enjoy and teach them at home.

Old method to new
Hydroponic kitchen gardens are preferred by many since it acts like a gardener. You can just select the plant’s phase of growth and it transmits to the garden the amount of light and water needed for those specific plants to grow healthy. Hydroponics has modernized into easy to use technology, by using knowledge from the past generations.

Around 40% percent of vegetables and fruits produced worldwide, for human consumption are wasted. Having hydroponics is the best way to bring food production at home, and saving the environment by wastage of food and transportation to stores.

We can’t keep buying pots of herbs and use 20 percent of it for our meals. And when the rest gets bad after a few days, throw away the 80 percent that remains. With hydroponics being introduced, people have learnt they can enjoy growing their favourite herbs for many months, or years too.

This is the time to grow your own vegetables, which will benefit you and the environment. Contact Eponic to get your own hydroponic system today.