In 1627, a book by Francis Bacon called Sylva Sylvarium was published, which had the first mentions of growing plants without soil. This is considered as one of the first concepts of hydroponics. Hydroponics is a method to grow plants using only water and a nutrient-rich solution that is supplied to the roots. Hydroponics can be used for a small kitchen herb garden to large-scale gardens full of crops. This method can be used as a kitchen hydroponic smart herb garden in homes while using very less space.

Let’s look at why you should consider this option of gardening:

  1. Saves Water
    Using a soil-based growing method, you will lose a lot of water due to evaporation or leaks. Due to this the plant only gets a bit of water and the rest is wasted. A hydroponic garden can save water to about 80-95%. It does use water, a nutrient solution that can be reused or recycled multiple times improving water efficiency. The plants absorb how much it needs and the rest is reused for later.
  2. Growth
    Due to the rich nutrient solution, the growth of plants using hydroponics is 3 to 10 times better. They also grow at a faster rate compared to soil-based methods. Studies show vegetables grown with hydroponics had 50% more vitamins. Hydroponics can also control moisture, nutrients, temperature, and lights. An indoor herb garden with artificial lights always keeps the plants in ideal conditions. Hydroponic gardening also leads to fewer pest issues.
  3. Space
    Hydroponics uses 20% less space for growing. These plants can be grown closer together since they grow smaller root, meaning minimum space in a home can be used for an herb garden. Due to this, a higher number of plants can be grown compared to traditional farming methods. Hydroponics controls light and water, so worrying about sunlight should not be an issue.
  4. Weather
    Hydroponic provides full control of the climate needed for the specific herbs grown. It’s equipped to adjust the temperature, light intensity, and duration. This is a great benefit as you don’t need to worry about the changing seasons. Growing any vegetable or herbs year-round will not be an issue anymore.
  5. Less use of Chemicals
    With hydroponics soil, borne weeds and pests are not a problem. With a soil-free environment, hydroponics does not require pesticides, so there is no use of pesticides and insecticides. This leads to healthier produce and worry-free consumption of food. This is one of the best reasons to grow your own herb garden.
  6. Less Work
    If you love plants but don’t get much time for taking care of them then a hydroponic system is perfect. With a hydroponic system, less time goes into taking care of the plants. In a usual planting method, pulling weeds out, potting the plant, soil issues, and watering the plants as well as time-consuming job. Having a hydroponic system will do away with all those hassles.
  7. Classroom Garden
    Having an indoor classroom garden can be very helpful for kids to learn and experience nature and plants. Introducing them to these plants can build important habits. They’ll learn responsibility, be busy and learn various kinds of vegetables. Self-grown fruits and vegetables will bring satisfaction to them and encourage them to eat healthy.

So, get a smart hydroponic garden today, and start growing your own food. Start off with the best indoor herb garden kit with grow light from Eponic. Take a look at our Mini Garden and Little Garden to get started. Get in touch today!