Growing your own hydroponic smart garden is a lot easier than you think. Hydroponic gardens are not a passing trend. They are an important milestone in mankind’s bid to be healthy and live longer.

What is a Hydroponic Garden?

It’s a garden containing any herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers grown in nutrient-rich solutions without any soil and judicious use of water. Hydroponics is like a horticulture and hydroculture hybrid system that lets you grow the herbs, vegetables and fruits in the most compact of spaces.

How does the Hydroponic Garden Work?

The seeds are planted in materials like peat moss, sand, perlite, coco coir, vermiculite, gravel, or woven fibre. Once the seeds are planted, they are either watered with normal water or a special nutrition solution. The seedlings are exposed to natural or artificial sunlight, and voila! You have your own hydroponic garden.

Benefits of Hydroponics

If you are a vegan or vegetarian or just plain-old health conscious and want to protect yourself and your family and friends from pesticide-laden food, you should grow your own hydroponic garden. But if you still need more convincing, here are some benefits that will make you go online and get your own mini hydroponic garden.

  • Nutrition – The vegetables, herbs, and fruits grown in hydroponic gardens are far more nutritious and have delicious flavours.
  • Clean – Hydroponic gardening requires little to no use of chemicals. You will be eating all-natural foods.
  • Faster Growth – The growth time of vegetables and fruits in a hydroponic garden is much lesser than in traditional fields.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint – Since you are growing your own food you will be creating a low carbon footprint owing to no transportation.
  • Space Utilisation – Grow more in a tiny space. The hydroponic garden can be easily set up in a small area of your home.

Finding the Right Space

The hydroponic garden is all about doing more with less. Therefore, it also requires less space. Here are spaces in your home that can be turned into a hydroponic garden.

  • Balcony – This is, of course, the first space to consider. Balconies are usually open and get a lot of sunshine. The only things you need to mind are too much rainwater, cold and strong winds. You even can think of putting a vertical garden here.
  • Kitchen – Just walk a few steps and pluck your own herbs and vegetables. The kitchen is an excellent location for your hydroponic garden. You can keep a close eye on it, nurture it timely, and even drain it properly.
  • Backyard – If your home has a backyard, this would be the ideal location for a hydroponic garden. The garden will get enough sunlight and water, and will drain well. Over time, you can also keep expanding your hydroponic garden and grow enough vegetables that you won’t even have to get anything that’s store-bought.

If it’s space that’s keeping you from getting a smart home garden, worry not as hydroponic gardens fit anywhere. You can start with a mini garden from Eponic. It’s the most compact and convenient hydroponic garden for herbs, salad greens, and some fruits. Try it today and you’ll be hooked to growing your own food and living healthy.