What is Hydroponics?
Hydroponics is a technique to grow plants without using soil. Instead, it uses a nutritious mineral solution for the plants to get its nutrients. The roots are supplied with this nutrient solution which helps the plants grow healthy and makes hydroponics a more efficient system.

Why Hydroponic Farming?
Due to the transportation of food, the use of fossil fuels is high and damaging the environment.

Today, many farmers still prefer growth stimulants and chemical fertilizers to prevent pests and make vegetables look healthy. Also, due to these irrigation practices, around 70% of water gets wasted. And this cycle can be stopped with hydroponics.

Hydroponics can remove these traditional practices and give us even higher yields. It could not only solve feeding our growing population, but it can also reduce the environmental impact. This makes hydroponics the most practical and promising technologies today.

Let’s take a look at this technology, understand what it is and its benefits.

  • Grow throughout the year: Hydroponic gardens can be contained indoors. They are equipped with micro-climatic conditions. This means, with control on temperature, you can grow plants throughout the year, without worrying about the weather. You can have an indoor herb garden with artificial light, or grow lights, to replace the sun.
  • Uses less space: Hydroponics uses less space than the traditional methods of farming. The roots do not spread out in search of nutrients and moisture. They’re delivered directly to the roots depending on the technique needed for specific plants. This means each plant takes up less space and you can grow more variety of plants in a small space. Hydroponics is known as vertical gardening too.
  • Saves water: Hydroponics save 98% of water compared to traditional methods of growing. Plants in soil only get about 0.1 percent of water that is actually used by the roots. Most of it is evaporated or leaked out. With hydroponics, it recycles the water, allowing plants to use how much they need and the excess returns to the system for later use.
  • No use of soil: Hydroponics is a soilless method of growing herbs. This reduces so much time on potting, cleaning out weeds, pests and any kind of infestation issues. Many plants have their specific preferences for soil types. This means farmers can only grow a few chosen crops depending on the sil type. With hydroponics, growing herbs indoors without sunlight and soil is not an issue and farmers can grow any crop without worries of soil degradation.
  • Higher quality food: With fruits and vegetables, the fresher they are, the healthier. In traditional methods, pesticides and herbicides are used to artificially ripen food and keep them fresh in markets. Also, we don’t know how long they’re sitting in the stores. With hydroponics, you will get a higher quality of food, which you can immediately use while cooking. They will be healthy and nutritious for your family since you know the growing process.
  • Grow Faster: Most vegetables and fruits take months to grow well in traditional methods. They take nutrients from the soil, which can male the process slow.

The growth rate of hydroponic plants is 30-50 percent faster than grown in soil. With hydroponics, the needed nutrients are easily available for the plants. Hydroponics can control growing herbs indoors with artificial light, nutrients, heat and other aspects for better growth. This means you’ll get faster growing plants with the best yields.

Hydroponics is the best solution for a sustainable future. Contact Eponic to your indoor herb garden kit with grow light today, and be a part of the hydroponic revolution.