The appreciation for Farm to table approach is increasing in recent times, as we incline towards leading a healthier lifestyle. Unhealthy eating habits have accounted for an increase in obesity and other chronic diseases. You can start growing food with indoor gardens and adopt Farm-to-Table at home. Homegrown food will result in fresh and nutritious produce that helps you promote your overall health and maintain weight.

Benefits of Farm to Table with Indoor Garden

  1. Nutrition Value:

The key benefit is the freshness of the food. Fruits & Vegetables starts to lose the nutritious value within 24 hours of being picked; hence fresher food is more nutritious. Most of the veggies we find in the stores are harvested before they are fully ripe to avoid rotting of the produce. It takes time to transport them to the stores in different regions. This long-distance transport and the temperature changes during the transit affects the food’s nutritional value. Growing food at home leaves no time between the moment you pick veggies from your garden and adding to your plate.


  1. Better Taste:

Homegrown fresh veggies taste better compared to what we buy at stores. The mass-produced food at stores is grown in quantity while the homegrown food is grown to taste as good as possible. When you pick the harvest ready fresh food from your home garden, it retains both the taste & nutritional value.


  1. Fresh Herbs and Vegetables all year round:

An indoor garden will facilitate you to grow your choice of herbs and vegetables throughout the year. Enjoy pesticide-free, fresh produce right in your kitchen.


  1. Educational for Kids:

Having a garden at home can be super educational for kids! Educating them how to grow food at home and to encourage a healthy eating habit at an early stage.


  1. Saving Environment:

The veggies that we buy from grocery and other stores travel a long way to reach the stores then to your plate. On the other hand, you can save the environment by eliminating the logistical path that goes in the transportation of food eg fuel emission and storage by growing them at your home. Taking us a step further to reducing carbon footprints and decrease food waste.


How can you get into Indoor Gardening and enjoy Farm to table approach in your kitchen all year round?

Having an indoor garden will not only look fantastic but also provide fresh and nutritious food at home. If you are looking for a time saving, hassle free system to grow quality herbs & veggies, this hydroponic system is the perfect answer.

Hydroponics doesn’t use soil to grow plants but with only water with nutrients. It’s an ideal system to fully control the grow process, mess free.


There are three main advantages of having a Hydroponic indoor garden:


  • Faster yield: Plants grow 20-30% faster in a hydroponic system compared to growing in soil.


  • Saves Water: Super-efficient system to save up to 90% of water usage. Comparing with traditional soil-based plant gardening, consistent watering is required, but most of the water is underutilised, resulting in the waste of water. Whereas with the same quantity of water can go on for weeks in a hydroponic system. This is because the hydroponic system prevents evaporation of water, and seepage like that in soil. Hence the plant takes the exact amount of water it needs and keeps the rest for further usage.


  • Soilless: This can be a crucial factor as you might leave in an urban area or a region where there is no garden to grow plants traditionally. The most time consuming and annoying activity for most gardeners is the cleaning and maintenance of the gardens.The hydroponic system is soil-free that is hassle-free and mess-free.

Mini Farm: Smart Indoor Garden

Mini Farm is an all-in-one indoor hydroponic system, the most sustainable way to grow your food safely anywhere and all year round. You will achieve clean pesticide-free food with greater yields and save water, with minimal work effort.
Growing veggies in a Mini Farm means you can adopt Farm to table concept at home and enjoy quality food on your plate. You can produce a wide range of plants, especially herbs & leafy greens as they grow super-fast!

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