Are you planning to get a kitchen hydroponic smart herb garden for your home? Gardeners at home have two choices to choose from for hydroponic cultivation: DIY and ready-to-use systems. Many people get confused between the two options. On one hand, people want to do it all themselves and feel like they have achieved something. On the other hand, ready-made kits are quite convenient giving you time to concentrate on your daily life without having to worry about the hydroponic kits.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two, so you know which fits best for you:

DIY System

  • Do-it-yourself systems have several components that have to be purchased to build a good system. You will have to make the right purchases and plan the design well.
  • They can take some time to set up properly, but do-it-yourself systems are usually less expensive. They need components like bucket or storage container, artificial lights, tents, pH meters, nutrients, net pots, support medium, reservoir, water pump, air stone and air pump, plastic tubing, and drip line emitters.
  • You can use some available materials at home, an old bucket or container can be reused to start growing at home.
  • If a beginner, building your own systems will need some good research for multiple purchases of various components.
  • You can customize the way you make it depending on your needs.
  • A simple method can be to find a good container, drill holes on the lid of the container, assemble the pump, fill the reservoir with the nutrients and adjust the pH and assemble the system.
  • This indoor herb garden with artificial light produces higher yields and better amounts of harvest.

Ready-to-use Hydroponic kits

  • Self-contained, ready-to-use systems are an investment in the beginning, but rewarding for the long run. A great deal of thought goes into designing and manufacturing these systems to make gardening simple and efficient.
  • Not much research or planning is needed. You can immediately choose a system depending on your space and herb needs.
  • All the components needed for the plants or vegetables to thrive are included in the system. You won’t have to buy anything separately.
  • Ready-to-use systems are made for easy work and remove the need for regular maintenance.
  • There’s no requirement to test the water with pH meters as the nutrient solutions have adjusters that supply proper nutrient intake for plants.
  • In the long run, you won’t have to spend time on maintenance. You will enjoy your gardening instead.
  • Ready-to-use kits are an educational benefit in schools. Having an indoor classroom garden benefits students to learn about food, nutrition, eating healthy, taking care of nature, etc.

Both these hydroponic systems can be simple, easy, take up little space and be successful. With an initial investment, you won’t have issues with nutrient deficiencies, bugs, weather, etc. That means you won’t have to spend on unnecessary pesticides. You can grow various herbs and vegetables. You can have the best indoor herb garden kit with grow light right at home.

You can start feeding your family fresh herbs throughout the year. You’ll save money, and enjoy watching your vegetables grow healthy. As you get better, you will also be able to grow a host of vegetables, fruits and herbs that may not be easily available. Hydroponics will open up a world of opportunities for you and you will be able to live a healthy lifestyle. So, choose the system which is the best fit for you. You can build your own at home or get a ready-to-use one to save time.

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