A hydroponic growing system uses soil-free methods of growing plants or crops. Instead of using soil, a mineral nutrient solution is used to help the roots grow. It’s a valuable tool to have nowadays that controls everything for you. Not only that, a hydroponic garden results in quick growth without wastage. There are various kinds of systems to choose from that suit your needs.

Let’s look at some benefits of using a hydroponic gardening system:

  1. Space: Using the usual methods of soil gardening requires a lot of space. Having different pots for each plant easily takes up too much space, which means lesser plants to grow. With hydroponics, you don’t have to worry about space. Plants’ roots are submerged in a mineral solution, which means growing the plants closer is possible. In soil-based growing, roots usually expand in search of nutrients in the soil. Hydroponics is often called vertical farming. So, even if it’s a small place inside your home or window, that space can be used for a hydroponic garden. There are mini herb garden kits available for lesser spaces too.
  2. Saves Water: While watering plants, a lot of water can get wasted in a soil-based method of growing. Most of the water usually can leak through the pots or get evaporated. The plants get only a small amount of water. With an indoor hydroponic herb garden, it takes care of how much water is needed for the roots. The rest of the nutrients are saved for later use. Around 90% of water can be saved using hydroponics.
  3. Weeds & Insects: Weeds can remove the important nutrients needed in your plants. They only grow in soil. With hydroponics, there is no use of soil which means there won’t be any weeds. This gives the plants the needed nutrients and the growth is much better. The same goes for insects, they are usually found in soil and can destroy the plants. Having a hydroponic system will make your work easier with no time going pulling out weeds and clearing insects. Especially if you have a kitchen hydroponic herb garden, there is no chance of infestation, keeping the herbs fresh and clean to just pull out and use.
  4. Climate: Hydroponics takes control of temperature, nutrients, humidity, light, and the whole growing schedule. No matter the season outside, the plants are maintained throughout the year without any growth problems. Also, the plants grow quicker with better results. A hydroponic system will save time and be efficient for the plant and you. Especially with soil-grown plants, worrying about sunlight and water is always an issue. With hydroponics, they have grow lights that can always be set as per the need of the plants.
  5. Growth: With hydroponics, growth is faster and the produce is also very fresh. Having healthy produce is a guarantee as there is no issue of infestation and use of chemicals. The plants can take in the number of needed nutrients for the roots. No matter the season, the system takes care of everything. Hydroponic plants are said to grow 50% faster, as the roots don’t have to expand to look for nutrients.
  6. Education: Hydroponic kits can be used in schools to help teach kids about plants. Using these kits is easy to use, mess-free, and will give maximum learning. Having classroom garden kits can teach kids how to take care of plants and nature around them. They can learn to grow various vegetables or plants, which will give satisfaction. It can also encourage them to eat healthy. Giving them practical hands-on experience will excite them about caring about plants and the needed nutrients.

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