There are various methods of farming, and the most popular one today is hydroponic farming. It uses a very unique farming technique, and compared to usual traditional farming, it is very advantageous and healthy. Hydroponics systems facilitate the production of healthy, organic, and local crops right from the comfort of one’s home. As a result, more consumers are choosing to grow their own mini-farm indoor garden and many are exploring hydroponics.

Let’s look at the advantages of using a hydroponic system.

  • No Soil: One of the advantages of hydroponics is you’ll be able to grow crops without soil. The roots of the plant are supplied with a nutrient-filled aqueous solution which keeps the plant hydrated. No more worrying about weak soils, the right temperature, and continuous soil change. This will help you grow whichever herbs you like without any sort of degradation.
  • Saves Water: In traditional farming, farmers have to use too much water because a large amount of the water is lost due to evaporation, leakage from the pots, etc. With hydroponics, you don’t have to remember to water your indoor kitchen herb garden. It consists of a nutrient solution that gives the roots the right amount it needs and recirculates extra solution for later. This saves so much water. They are also equipped with timers once the roots receive sufficient water.
  • Less use of Chemicals: Less use of chemicals is a top reason why many farmers decide to use a hydroponic system. This means you won’t need to use pesticides or herbicides anymore. This also results in healthier and fresh produce and plants won’t get damaged by pests. Traditional methods always have issues of pests and usage of pesticides.
  • Space: One of the great advantages of hydroponic farming is space. Due to the roots receiving water through a nutrient-based solution, they don’t have to spread out in search of nutrients in the soil. These plants will take up less space and you can add more plants even if it’s a smaller space. Due to this, hydroponic farming is also called vertical farming. The produce is as good as, or better than traditional farming methods.
  • Seasons: With hydroponics, you won’t have to worry for your plants to receive sunlight. The system is equipped with grow lights which will give you the ability to control the climate and temperature. No matter the season, these grow lights are adjustable according to the plant’s needs. Throughout the year you can continue growing herbs indoors with artificial lights.
  • No Weeds & Soil Erosion: With hydroponics, you will see better growth of plants compared to soil-based growing. You won’t have to spend most of your time removing weeds or any sort of pests that can destroy the plants. Since hydroponic is soil-free, you won’t have any issues with weeds. This will help you to focus on enjoying growing your favourite herbs.
  • Healthier Yields: Due to no issues of pests, weeds, and the use of pesticides, your plants will produce much fresher and healthier yields. Hydroponics produces a better quality of herbs than traditional farming methods. Having an indoor herb garden kit with grow light will control the overall needs for your favourite herbs with maximum results. While cooking, you can immediately add your favourite herbs knowing that the quality is good and save on grocery shopping.

These are the advantages you can benefit from using hydroponics. If you’re looking to get a hydroponic system, contact Eponic today to help you grow your own herbs indoor garden kit.