The vegan lifestyle is the best lifestyle if you care about the environment. It is also healthy for the mind and body. Many people are switching to this lifestyle because a large number of store-bought foods wrapped in plastics, transported long distances, and have pesticides. This causes environmental damage. That’s why, vegans should grow their own food.

Indoor gardening can bring both environmental and personal benefits. The benefits of growing food at home are completely worthwhile. Below are some positives of growing your own food.

No Use of Pesticides
When growing your fruit and vegetables, using pesticides can be limited and avoided. You can grow organic produce and not use harmful chemicals. A garden that is well maintained and healthy defends pests from destroying plants. A good growing environment decreases the need for pesticides. Soil balance and removal of weak plants will reduce chances of attracting pests and other infestations.

Use Small Space at Home
Being a vegan, growing your own food will be a money saver. An indoor growing system or greenhouse at home can help you yield beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. Legumes, squashes, and pumpkins are good for small spaces at home, since they grow vertically. Salad leaves, vegetables and herbs can also be grown. In a hydroponic system, you can grow a variety of plants. If you lack space at home, a hydroponic system is an ideal option to grow and save space.

Reduce Carbon Footprint
An added environmental benefit of starting your own vegetable garden is you can cook with vegetables grown at home. By reducing the consumption of food being grown, the carbon footprint will decrease. To provide customers with a varied range of crops, stores often bring food travelling long distances from a different country or within the same country. The energy that goes into transporting the produce contributes to significant climate change.

Reduces the Use of Plastic
In many places, it’s tough to find vegetables and herbs that are not packed in plastic, especially, if you’re looking to get organic food. Although stores are making efforts to reduce usage of plastic, they need it to keep vegetables and fruits fresh. This is due to transportation across the globe, which makes it difficult in removing this packaging method from their shelves.

With produce growing in your home garden, you are guaranteed fresh produce. Plastic waste is decreased with home grown produce.

For Mental Health and Wellbeing
You might have to spend some time in your day growing your own vegetables and fruits, but it is rewarding. Gardening is a great hobby to combat anxiety and stress, as exercise and fresh air help combat mental health issues. Having a smart home indoor garden is sure to give you a daily activity. From planting to harvesting vegetables can be a soothing hobby. You will definitely end up with healthy food to share with your family and friends.

Food is Nutritious
When you grow your own food, your diet is healthy and nutritious, guaranteed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. The best way to grow herbs indoors is to get a hydroponic system. These systems provide fresh and healthy produce due to their control over temperature, nutrition, humidity etc for the plants. Providing food in the rawest and freshest form for your family is not only tasty but also nutritional.

Most of the produce sold in supermarkets go through a process of harvesting, shipping or transportation and then distribution to stores. After distribution, the produce is kept in storage or on shelf for a long period of time before being purchased, losing nutrition.

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