Growing your own food might seem overwhelming for most people, but it’s much easier. Having your own produce has numerous benefits. You would love to grow your own vegetables, guaranteeing that it’s going to be fresh and healthy.

While buying from the market, you don’t know where the vegetables, fruits or any other herbs are coming from, where they’ve been grown etc.

Here’s 8 reasons why you should grow your own food.

  • Healthy Food: Growing your own food helps you understand the different types of seeds you choose and from where you’re getting them. And since you’re planting them yourself, you know the gardening process. Growing your own food is the best solution, for your family to live a healthy lifestyle. Growing food with hydroponics helps you control various factors, so you can have healthy food throughout the year.
  • No Chemicals: Hydroponics have growing chambers or seed capsules for the plants to grow in, and get its’ nourishment from the solution and grow lights. The water is mixed with nutrient solutions and is exposed to the roots providing the nourishment for the plant to grow. No soil means you won’t have pests, and that means you won’t have to add any kind of pesticides or chemicals.
  • Save money: Growing your own food helps you save money as well. You will save a whole lot on groceries by adding a hydroponic system in your home. All you have to do is make a one-time investment on a hydroponic kit and get your desired seeds or herbs you want to plant. Running to the grocery store won’t be an issue anymore.
  • Better tasting food: Flavour is one of the pleasures when growing your own food. Store bought vegetables are sometimes put through selective breeding practices to help the produce last longer, keep taste or stay in specific colours. With hydroponics, having an indoor herb garden with artificial light will give you better tasting vegetables than store bought ones.
  • Family time: Growing your own herbs can become a great family hobby. You can set aside a time for gardening with your family. This is a good activity for kids as they can learn about healthy food and also grow some vegetables. This will encourage them to eat healthy foods as they enjoy planting these vegetables or herbs.
  • Helps the environment: Growing your own food will benefit the environment in many ways. Having your own produce of fruits and vegetables means you won’t have to use pesticides and herbicides. This way you’ll help the environment without wasting water and cause air pollution. You can also recycle fruit and vegetable peel and use them as compost.
  • Fresh: When growing your own herbs or vegetables, having them fresh is important. Growing them hydroponically will ensure your produce is fresh. With store bought you never know if the vegetables are in unhygienic conditions for days, lost its nutrition before distribution and made to ‘look’ fresh. In hydroponics they are harvested fresh, so the flavours of vegetables are good and you won’t need additives to improve the taste and freshness.
  • School Gardens: School gardens provide a real time feel of how food is grown. Growing vegetables at school give kids an experiential and hands on learning experience and encourage them to eat what they’ve grown. This will help them learn and explore plants, and also treat them with respect and care.

Start growing your own herbs indoors to maintain a healthy life. Contact Eponic, so we can help you start growing herbs indoors without sunlight.