The food you grow is a directly related to health and environmental issues. With indoor grown, you get the control over your food, what elements go in to grow them and the nutritious value it contains.

Nutritional value

When you grow your own food, it is guaranteed to be fresh at the time of consumption. The produce from the supermarket goes through a long process until it reaches the end consumer. In this process where it changes hands from the farm to the wholesaler to the supermarket, it loses its substantial share of minerals and antioxidants. Likewise, when the product is stored for an extended period or being transported from a long-distance, they will lose their nutritional value.

So why buy when you can grow your own food that results in a fresh, delicious and nutritious produce.

Saving our planet

The food we buy from stores is cultivated in farms far away from the cities. This produce relies on long-distance transportation or logistics to reach the outlets. Transportation needs fossil fuels which result in pollution increase in carbon footprint and harming our planet. The major contributor to global warming is burning fossil fuels.

By growing your own food indoors, you will help reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the food miles of what you consume. It is your bold move to save our planet than doing more harm.

No pesticides and No Fertilizers

You need no pesticides, fertilizers or pest control products when you grow food using the hydroponic system. The hydroponic system is a clean and bugs free way of growing your own food. No chemicals are used that will harm our body.

Accelerated Growth

The principle element in a hydroponic system is the grow light. The Full spectrum LED light, stimulates the growth of plants and quality consistency of the yield. The LED light limits the appropriate heat and light wavelengths to develop healthier plants. Moreover, the LED grow lights save energy, consuming up to 60% less energy compared to other grow lights.

Saving Water

Water is another global issue, and we have to be very careful about water usage. The hydroponic system is a close loop arrangement that recirculates and reuses water. This is how you can grow plants saving up to 90% of water when compared to traditional farming. And make your future more sustainable.

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