Soil has always been the ideal medium for growing herbs, vegetables or any sort of crops. But today, a hydroponic growing system is designed to improve harvests, save time and boost profits. Other than the benefit of not using soil, it offers a lot more which will give you satisfaction in gardening. You’ll be saving money, time and effort while still reaping major benefits.

Let’s look at the benefits of switching to hydroponics:

  • No Soil: Many plants have their preference of soil needed to help them grow. You can only grow specific plants that suit the soil in their area. This also results in the usage of more water. With hydroponics, the roots of the plants are supplied with a nutrient-rich solution rather than dependence on soil. Since the needed nutrients are transported to the roots, the plants grow much better and faster compared to soil-based methods. Also, you save time in potting plants.
  • Saves Space: When plants grow in soil, their roots move around looking for nutrients. This results in growing only a limited number of plants or vegetables. With hydroponics, since there’s no soil, the nutrient solution provides nourishment to the roots and they don’t have to look around. That means there’s space to grow more plants closer together. You don’t worry if you have limited space at home, you can still use that small space. Also, It can also be used in schools to teach kids about different vegetables. A classroom garden kit will be handy to get them learning.
  • Saves Water: Plants in soil need to be watered every day. There’s a huge amount of water every day that goes into getting the plants roots nourished and healthy. But that’s not the only thing. They need to be watered more than required because of leakage from the pots, evaporation etc. But the plant receives only a minimum amount. It becomes difficult to understand the amount of water needed. With hydroponics, the plant’s roots take the amount of water needed at that time and save the excess to use for later. This recycling system saves up to 90% of water by switching to hydroponics.
  • No weeds and pests: Growing plants in soil can bring in a lot of weed issues. Weeds take away a lot of light, water and nutrients that’s needed for plants. Due to this issue, you’ll have to continuously spend time and money on using herbicides and the work of removing weeds by hand. Not only weeding issues, but you can have pest issues as well that damage the plants. With hydroponics, you can have a healthy kitchen hydroponic herb garden that has a clean and sustainable environment and reduce any issues of pests and weeding.
  • Growth rate: Why do plants grow well in a hydroponic system? That’s because the plants are getting everything required by providing them with the right conditions. There are no issues with sunlight or any nutrient deficiencies.

That’s because they are generally indoors and seasonal factors like humidity, light and temperature are all controlled by the system. This helps growers enjoy the gardening process by creating sustainable environments according to the plant’s needs, resulting in better produce.

With the roots receiving nutrients and oxygen directly to the roots, many crops grow faster than they would in soil. With a mini herb garden kit, you’ll be able to grow your herbs and vegetables throughout the year with the best results.

Hydroponics is a great solution to continue your passion for gardening. To create your own indoor hydroponic herb garden, contact Eponic